A Truck Crash is Not the Same as a Car Crash

A Car Collides With A Truck In A Vehicle Accident.A crash involving a big truck can result in big injuries.  A tractor trailer crash will likely result in more significant injuries than a car crash involving the same location, same angle of impact, and same speed at impact.  Some of these tractor trailers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds.  A tractor trailer takes longer to stop, especially when traveling at highway speeds, as compared to a car.  It, therefore, is not surprising to learn that the force applied to the occupants of the passenger car involved in the crash is significant.

But the resulting injuries is not the only differing factor between a truck crash and a car crash.  The investigation following a truck crash is typically much more in depth and must be done very quickly in order to preserve the proper evidence. 

Who Investigates First Is Vital

It is not uncommon for a truck driver to call his employer, the trucking company, immediately following a crash so that the company can start an investigation.  In fact, I have been involved in tractor trailer cases where the truck driver called his boss before he called the police!  The trucking company is usually trained to then call its insurance company, who will send out an accident reconstruction team to the scene of the crash within hours.  This can have a big impact on your case.  The truck company’s reconstructionist will get the first view of what happened and certainly won’t ask the questions to prove your case.  What if there are skid marks that support your theory of the case and the truck company’s guy doesn’t photograph it?  This is why it is crucial that you seek representation immediately following your tractor trailer accident.  If you hire an attorney right away, your attorney can get a reconstructionist out to the scene too.

I have also seen situations where the trucking company has repaired the involved tractor trailer and put it back in service right away.  This too can have huge effects on your case.  If the truck is repaired and is put back in use, it is nearly impossible for your attorney to later prove that there was something wrong with the truck at the time of the crash.  If you hire an attorney right after the crash, your attorney can demand that the trucking company preserve the condition of the truck until it can be inspected; that is, the trucking company will not be allowed to repair the truck and potentially get rid of the problem.

Don't Let The Insurance Company
Have The Last Word In Your Case

If an attorney is hired immediately following a truck crash, there are other crucial pieces of evidence that can be properly preserved before it is too late, like the truck driver’s log books, the condition of the roadway at the time of the crash, and any surveillance videos that may have captured the crash as it happened.

To protect yourself, and your family, be sure to reach out to a reputable tractor trailer accident attorney as soon as possible following a crash.