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Personal Injury Law By The Numbers

Personal injury by the numbers

Personal injury lawsuits are interesting things — it’s easy to assume that most cases come from things like car accidents, but you might be surprised by how adept personal injury lawyers are at helping their clients with a variety of problems. Take a quick look at the following statistics, and you’ll see what we mean:

54.7 million: The average number of personal injury lawsuits that stem from car accidents — which just happen to be the overwhelming majority of all personal injury cases. The runner up, with a measly 20.6 million cases on average, are criminal lawsuits.

31 million: The number of injuries that occur each year and are serious enough to warrant medical treatment. Even when you do seek medical treatment, there’s always the chance that another injury could occur. This is called medical malpractice, and these lawsuits happen when a doctor fails to execute reasonable judgement when providing treatment to a patient (usually in surgery, or during childbirth), and the doctor’s poor judgement results in serious, if not fatal, injuries. The average amount of damages to be paid in these cases is around $600,000, but individual amounts can differ widely depending on how serious the injury is and how easily it could have been prevented.

5 million: The estimated number of people who suffer from bite wounds each year. Even more shocking, is that anywhere from 12 to 15 people die each year from subsequent infections after a bite wound. A simple dog bite might not seem like a big deal to most people, but there are some bizarre cases that involve rabid animals biting humans — and if you think about it, it makes perfect sense that those cases would be best handled by personal injury lawyers.

Ultimately, if you’re suffering from an injury and you think you might be entitled to damages, it never hurts to do some research and see if your local personal injury lawyers have handled cases like yours in the past. You might just be surprised by how many interesting and usual injury cases are actually covered!