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Top Three Dangerous Products For Children

Top 3 dangerous products for childrenThere are a number of things in the world that can cause an injury, and in the United States, over 30 million people suffer injuries that are severe enough to need a doctor’s care. Some of these injuries are caused by the use of products, which is covered by an area of law known as product liability. Product liability has a median damage award of $300,000, which is the second highest of all personal injury claims. When it comes to sustaining a personal injury from products, children are particularly vulnerable. Here are three products that children typically suffer injuries (or death) from using.

An average of 26 infants die each year in the United States of crib-related deaths. This can be caused by the crib’s design or the way the crib is used. The worst offender here is drop-side cribs, which usually have one movable side that can be adjusted to a different height. These are illegal now and there have been a number of recalls for them, but there are still some cribs out there. Parents should try to avoid buying second hand or older cribs, since they may not be up to current safety standards.

The number of children who suffer injuries from toys seems to be on the rise. In 1997, the number of toy-related injuries was 141,300. Ten years later the number had risen to 220,500. An example of a toy that can be extremely harmful to children is BuckeyBalls, which are a set of small, round magnets. If ingested, the magnets could pass through a child’s intestines, perforating them or twisting them. Both cases can be very dangerous. The toy was rebranded for adults and the government subsequently sued, but the toy could still pose a danger for children.

Another common product that parents use for their children is strollers, which can also be dangerous. An example of this is one model of MacLaren stollers that had exposed hinges that cut and even severed some children’s fingers. The company offered a repair kit to stroller owners for free, but parents should still use caution when buying a stroller. As with buying cribs, parents should avoid buying outdated, old, or secondhand strollers because they may not meet safety guidelines.

The best way for parents to protect their children from being injured is to watch them carefully and make sure that the product is being used the right way. Additionally, doing research before buying things like strollers and cribs is important. A parent should look for recalls for potential models of products and evaluate whether or not the product poses a threat to his or her child. For parents of children that unfortunately suffered an injury, finding personal injury lawyers who specialize in that area of law should be a priority.