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4 Areas Where Car Accidents Commonly Happen

Car accidents are one of those unfortunate occurrences that you think will never happen to you, until it does. In many cases, car accidents could have been avoided if drivers had taken the proper precautions. There are certain behaviors that can increase a driver’s chances of getting in an accident like driving under the influence or being distracted, but knowing where accidents commonly happen is important as well. Here are four common areas where car accidents tend to happen.

Changing Lanes

Obviously, the most commonplace for accidents is on the road, but accidents often happen when a car switches lanes. You should check your mirrors and your blind spot before navigating to another lane to make sure that there are no cars in your path. You should also avoid driving in the blind spot of other vehicles, especially larger vehicles like trucks and tractor-trailers. When you do switch lanes, use your signals and make the switch smoothly and slowly.

At Intersections

Another commonplace on the road that accidents can happen is in or near intersections. If you are not careful, you might drive into the path of an oncoming car or someone might run into you whether they are turning or going straight. You should make sure that you look both ways at an intersection and wait long enough to be sure that no cars are coming. Approaching intersections with caution is also an easy way to avoid an accident.

Pedestrian Crossings

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some 60,000 pedestrians were injured in a single year. Furthermore, a pedestrian injury occurs every seven minutes in the United States. Many of these accidents happen in or near pedestrian crossing areas. Slowing down when you are approaching a crosswalk and looking carefully at both sides of the road can reduce the chances that you will hit someone. If you are the pedestrian, you should look both ways before crossing the street and wait patiently for any cars to pass.

Areas Highly Populated with Animals

A collision with an animal can be dangerous and can cause injuries and damage to your car. The most dangerous time of the year for animal collisions is in the fall, when there are fewer daylight hours and it is mating season for deer. You should drive with heightened caution at night and in heavily wooded areas. If you’re driving at night, make use of your car’s high beams.

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