15 Law Changes in 2015 Everyone in Illinois Needs to Know

15 new Illinois laws for 2015

There are a number of new law changes in the state of Illinois in 2015, which cover everything from traffic laws to what kind of animals a person can hunt. Here’s what every Illinois resident and visitor needs to know about the new laws in 2015.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

  • Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) are now required to be sold in tamper- and child-proof packaging and to be displayed out of children’s reach in retail stores.
  • Children who live with seizure disorders are now able to qualify for cannabidiol, which is an orally administered treatment for epilepsy.
  • Hard ciders are now subject to beer tax.
  • Synthetic drugs that are similar to LSD, like “N Bomb,” are now illegal.

Traffic Matters

  • The speed limit on highways is now 70 miles per hour in Illinois.
  • State police officers in the state no longer have traffic ticket quotas.
  • People who drive their boats while under the influence may have their boat impounded. Additionally, passengers on boats must fly an orange flag while swimming.


  • Owners of venomous or otherwise dangerous reptiles or amphibians are now required to have a permit.
  • Hunting, owning, or trading cougars, black bears, and gray wolves is now illegal.


  • Employers are now required to provide pregnant workers with reasonable accommodations — if they do not, it is considered a civil rights violation.
  • A 2015 law is strengthening the system that automatically notifies victims when their offenders are released or are granted parole.
  • Police forces are permitted to use drones in cases of a public health emergency or a natural disaster.
  • Anyone selling a home must disclose damage to floors and windows from flood damage, lead paint, asbestos, and methamphetamine labs.


  • All new schools in the state of Illinois are required to have a storm shelter.
  • Administrators in schools are now permitted to discipline students who bully other students through the use of personal devices, even if it doesn’t happen on school grounds.

These are just 15 of the new law changes in 2015 in the state of Illinois. They may not all affect you, but they are still essential to know.