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Common Causes of Car Accidents

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There were 281,788 motor vehicle crashes throughout the state of Illinois in 2011 according to data from the Illinois Department of Transportation. Of those crashes, 835 were fatal, killing 918 individuals and seriously injuring 84,172. With an average of 1.1 deaths per fatal crash, the odds of being involved in an auto accident that will at least cause injury are high.

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Causes of Auto Accidents

While there can be a large number of reasons that can cause or be the catalyst for an accident, in most cases there are several common factors that are at the core of those accidents.

Most importantly, it is very important that drivers must simply use care while operating their vehicle and they must also be cautious of other drivers who may be acting recklessly or driving in a dangerous manner.

With this in mind, some of the most common causes of car accidents include:

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI/ DUI)

A leading cause of car accidents, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol killed 38.1% of fatally injured drivers in Illinois in 2011. Not only is this behavior one of the most reckless and senseless ways to operate a motor vehicle, the legal repercussions for a driver that survives will impact them for years to come.

Fatigued driving

Driving drowsy has been found to produce the same clouding of judgment that alcohol or drugs can. Truck drivers are repeat offenders of fatigued driving, mainly because they work long hours on the road and often have very tight deadlines. That said, any driver who feels too sleepy should never get behind the wheel of a car.


Another negligent offense that many drivers commit, speeding on roads or highways will not only reduce reaction time if a driver needs to make a sudden stop or maneuver, it will increase the force of impact if a crash does occur. Accidents that happen at a higher rate of speed typically have more severe injuries and property damage than those at slower speeds.


Also known as following too closely, tailgating is rude and a form of aggressive driving. Usually, this is done when the rear driver wants to travel at a faster speed than the driver in front, so the rear driver rides the back bumper to pressure the driver ahead. Tailgating eliminates space between vehicles and makes easily avoidable accidents much more likely to occur.

Texting and driving

With our attachment to portable electronic devices, it is no wonder that texting and driving is a problem in Illinois. While a driver pays attention to the screen of their phone, their eyes are off the road for sometimes 10 to 15 seconds at a time, if not more. Simply eliminating the visual and mental distraction of sending or reading a text message could prevent many accidents from happening.

Aggressive driving

Aggressive driving is a broad term that encompasses a wide array of behaviors. Road rage, too, implies a lack of patience with other drivers, traffic signals or traffic signs, and usually, it leads to speeding, darting in and out of traffic to avoid slowing down and other negligent behaviors.

Poor visibility

Weather can often cause car wrecks if conditions like fog or rain are present. In inclement weather it is critical that drivers keep their eyes on the road and stay focused on operating their vehicle with care.

Vehicle malfunction or failure

Vehicles can experience failure with a defective or malfunctioning part. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule can help prevent part malfunctions.

Driving defensively and having patience behind the wheel can prevent many car crashes from ever taking place. If an accident does occur, reach out to an experienced car crash law firm to learn what rights you may have as the victim of another driver’s negligence.

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