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Who You Need To Notify When You Get Injured

Contact the police in the event of an accident

In the United States each year, there are more than 31 million injuries that are severe enough to need the care of a doctor. When these injuries are a result of someone else’s negligence, this constitutes personal injury, and the injured person may be able to take legal action against the person who caused the accident or the injury. When the injured party decides to make a personal injury claim, there are certain parties that need to be notified. Here’s a short list of who to call when you get injured.

1. The Proper Authorities
When you get injured in an accident — whether it’s a traffic accident, in a store, or on someone’s property, you need to contact the proper authorities. In cases of traffic accidents, this always means the police. It’s illegal in many states to leave the scene of an accident without reporting it and it makes it hard to file an insurance claim without a police report.

2. A Lawyer
After you’ve reported the injury and the incident to the right authorities, you ought to call a personal injury lawyer. There are typically two outcomes of a personal injury claim — either it is settled out of court or it goes to trial. In cases where the claim goes to trial, plaintiffs only win about 50% of the time. If the case does not go to trial, you’ll need someone to help you negotiate with the insurance company.

3. The Defendant
After you’ve reported the incident to the authorities and you’ve found a personal injury lawyer, you also need to notify any other parties involved in the accident, especially the person who was responsible for it. The only information you really need to give them is that you did sustain an injury and that an accident did occur. You do not need to give them any details, but you should send a letter promptly after the accident.

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