3 Tips for Avoiding Distracted Driving

More than 13% of drivers between the ages of 18 and 20 admit to texting at the time of a crash

Car accidents happen all too often in the United States, and one of the main causes is distracted driving. About nine people are killed and another 1,153 car accident injuries occur in crashes that involve a distracted driver each day. There are a few common causes of distracted driving, and all motorists should know what they are, and tips for avoiding them.

Be prepared ahead of time
It seems obvious, but a number of people make a habit of leaving the house before they’re ready and using their commute to finish morning activities. Doing things like eating, shaving, and applying make up can be very dangerous since they require a driver to divide his or her attention, taking it away from the road. It’s essential to finish getting ready before ever leaving the house. Being a few minutes late is worth getting there safely.

Find a safe driving app
One of the most common sources of distraction while driving is electronic devices. More than 13% of drivers between the ages of 18 and 20 admit to texting at the time of a crash. From finding the right directions to making calls, sending emails or texts, to checking the weather, many people don’t think twice about using a device while driving. To avoid the distraction, find a safe driving app to help. Most of them simply block notifications from occurring so a driver won’t feel tempted to check it.

Always pull over if you need to
Since driving is something most people do every single day, and they typically take the same routes, it can become a very automatic behavior. When people start getting too comfortable behind the wheel, they start multi-tasking which can lead to running red lights and stop signs, speeding, and collisions. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, over 900 people die and 2,000 suffer car accident injuries each year because of vehicles running red lights. Drivers should never multi-task or engage in anything that takes their attention from the road.

Most lawsuits in the United States (54.7 million) are due to traffic matters and since they typically involve negligence on one driver’s part, they can result in personal injury lawsuits. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you should contact a car accident lawyer right away.