How Do I Pay Bills While I Wait For Resolution Of My Claim?

Following a personal injury or medical malpractice injury, it is not unusual for a person to have medical bills related to their injury. 

For example, a victim of a car crash will likely need follow-up treatment to provide physical therapy, x-rays, or procedures, like an MRI. All of these things carry potentially significant expense, and even those with insurance may have high copays or deductibles. These bills may represent a substantial burden- especially for those without insurance. 

Luckily, there is a coverage in most insurance policies that provides what is called Medical Payment Provision CoverageThere are roughly 5.5 million car accidents in the United States every year

This coverage provides for immediate payment of an amount (typically up to $5,000), that is assigned to those suffering an injury without regard to liability. That means, even if liability or fault is disputed in regards to your car crash or injury, there may still be immediate coverage for the payment of medical expenses. All you have to do is ask the correct way.

Typically, when a letter of representation is sent to an insurance company, it should ask for a description of all potential coverages of the at-fault individual or company. Those descriptions of available policies should indicate whether a medical payment provision is available. Where such coverage is available, you will often need to specifically request that a medical payment claim be started. Often, this will require that a new adjuster be assigned to your case. This can take some time, so it is important to begin this process as early as possible. 

The next thing that is often required is that you must provide ongoing medical bills to the insurance carrier. This could apply to any medical treatment related at all to your injury. Once those claims have been received, the medical payment coverage should be applied and a medical payments provision check should be issued. Checks will only be issued up to the available coverage under the policy, in most cases $5,000.00. Once coverage is exhausted under that policy there will be no additional funds available under the medical coverage of the policy. However, a liability coverage or underinsured coverage may exist under the policy to account for additional expenses. To recover under those policies, an admission of responsibility may be necessary before payment is made

Knowing to ask for a medical payments provision at the start of any litigation can often provide essential help following an injury. 

By having an attorney represent you, you will be able to process these claims as quickly as possible so that your medical bills are covered through your journey of the litigation process.