3 Steps To Take If You Have A Defective Medical Device

Hip replacement device

The $70 million talcum powder lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson was not the last dangerous product case the company would lose this year.

This week, a jury ordered the company and its DePuy Orthopaedics to pay more than $1 billion to six people who say they were injured by Pinnacle hip implants.

The patients experienced bone erosion, tissue death, and other injuries from the implants that the company claimed would last longer than similar ceramic or plastic implants. The jurors in the case decided that the metal Pinnacle implants were defectively designed and that Johnson & Johnson failed to warn patients of the risks.

The companies are still facing nearly 8,400 lawsuits over the implants.

The cases have been consolidated in federal court. If you or a loved one have been injured by a Pinnacle implant or other defective product, there are three very important steps you should take as quickly as possible:

  • Get copies of all of your medical records showing your diagnoses, treatments, and what type of product was used. Remember- these are YOUR records, and you are always entitled to have copies.

  • Take a friend or family member with you to medical appointments. Not only does this give you a witness in the event that you must file suit, but it never hurts to have another pair of ears to help you remember important medical information that is presented at the appointment. Remember to be clear and honest with your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing.

  • Keep a personal written journal of your symptoms, injuries, treatments, and any statements made to you by medical personnel. Be sure to record dates and times.

These simple steps will help your attorney more quickly and easily determine what needs to happen with your case. For more information about defective products and how the T&E team can help, click here