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The Brain Injury Association of America has reported that 5.3 million Americans live with a long-term disability resulting from a traumatic brain injury. Furthermore, the annual cost of a TBI to society is over $76.5 billion, while 75 percent of these injuries are considered to be mild.

In nearly all car accidents some type of brain injury may have occurred. Of course, this depends on the speed of travel along with the force of the impact. Imagine; you are traveling 65 miles per hour, and another vehicle strikes yours causing your vehicle to come to a sudden stop. Even though your body may have stopped, your brain has just been thrown into your skull at 65 miles per hour. When this occurs, it can cause blood vessels to tear and controllable bleeding to occur.

When this uncontrollable bleeding occurs, it causes pressure to build up around the brain preventing it to function as it normally would. This malfunction may cause a person to lose control of their breathing and heart rate turning the current situation into a life or death situation.

The Tapella & Eberspacher Law Firm has a great amount of sympathy for injured victims along with their families, as everyone often suffers from financial losses and emotionally following an accident.  At our firm, we believe that when a person is harmed by a negligent individual, that negligent individual should pay for the losses and damages they have caused.

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Types of Brain Injuries

There are two common types of brain injuries which exist following auto accidents; open head injuries, and closed head injuries. These injuries may be equally as fatal depending on the location and the specifics regarding the accident and location of the injury.

Open Head Injuries:

An open head injury, or penetrating head injury, is a type of injury where the Dura mater, the outer layer of the meninges “brain”, becomes breached by a foreign object. This is caused by a high-velocity object being driven into the brain. It often causes serious medical emergencies which may cause permanent disability or become fatal if not treated immediately.

Closed Head Injuries:

Closed head injuries are caused when there is an extreme blow to the head. These injuries may be caused by a car accident and can result in either primary brain damage where the brain is bruised or secondary brain damage where the brain may be injured in a variety of different forms. These conditions also call for serious medical emergencies which may result in disability or become fatal if not treated immediately.

Following any type of motor vehicle collision, immediate medical attention should be sought out as some brain injuries may not begin to appear until several hours or days following an accident. By this time, damages may be irreversible or fatal.

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