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Identifying Concussions In Small Town Sports

According to the Illinois High School Association, there have been 2,029 reported head injuries from high school sporting events in Illinois since 2010. That number has been steadily rising, but many believe this is due to an increase in awareness and legislation.

How Are Lawmakers Helping To Reduce The Risk Of Concussions?

In 2015, Illinois passed a law that requires high schools to develop procedures to help students return to school and sports after a concussion, but did not provide any funding to implement it. This raises the question of whether smaller schools can deal with concussions as effectively as the larger ones.

Do Local Schools Have The Financial Means To Protect Student Athletes From Concussions?

The 2015 law requires that the procedure involve a physician or athletic trainer, but only if the school can afford one. Because many schools lack the funding to hire such a medical professional, they simply put someone in charge of the effort. The majority of the reported concussions came from schools with athletic trainers, likely because they have staff capable of identifying them. While awareness of concussions is on the rise, it seems the correct staff is what Illinois high schools really need. 

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