What Exactly Is A Contingency Fee?

Have you ever wondered how someone who has sufferred a personal injury in a car crashtruck accident or slip and fall is able to afford the services of an attorney? Many lawyers work with clients based on a contingency fee.

What Is A Contingency Fee?

A contingency fee is one way an experienced personal injury attorney might bill for their work. On a contingency fee basis, the client obtains representation but does not pay at the beginning of the case. Instead, the client agrees to pay the attorney a certain percentage of the award they might receive and does not pay if the case is lost. This method of payment is typically used when someone is injured and seeking damages. In an overly simplified example, if an attorney agrees to work for a contingency fee of 30% and wins an award of $100,000, the attorney receives $30,000 of the award. If the case is lost, the client pays nothing even though they had full representation for their claim.

How Does A Contingency Fee Help You?

Contingency fees allow those without a legal fund to get representation when injured. A law firm is a business and can accept the risk of a case more easily than the average person. If you or a loved one have been injured and are worried about the costs of pursuing a claim for damages, discuss contingency fees with your attorney as a possibility.  We are happy to discuss representing you in your personal injury case. Feel free to contact us online or call us directly at (217) 394-5885.