What You Need To Know When Documenting A Car Accident: Protect Your Rights And Strengthen Your Claim

Note taking after an accidentAfter a car accident, it is important to document as much information about the accident as possible. This information is crucial in supporting or defending legal claims in court, which may not take place for months. Taking notes can take the pressure off a person’s memory and make sure the facts are as accurate as possible. The notes should be as complete as possible and include as much detail as you can. 

Document The Details After A Car Accident

  • The direction each car was headed
  • How fast each car was traveling
  • The road and weather conditions.
  • Were there any possible distractions
  • What was said and done after the accident
  • Were there any witnesses
  • The other driver’s name and car insurance

Photo Documentation Will Help Protect Your Claim

While documentation is necessary, it tends to leave out important information, and is still just one person’s word against the other. Taking photos of the scene is a good way to record unbiased information that can be relied on later.

Use a camera or phone to take pictures of these elements of your crash scene:

  • A photo of each corner of every vehicle involved
  • The location of every vehicle involved
  • The license plate of every vehicle involved
  • Any interior damage to any vehicle involved
  • Any markings or debris created by the accident

Keep the Records Safe, You'll Need Them Later

Not only should one keep the notes and photos taken after an accident, but all other documentation as well. This might include any bills or receipts for repairs, towing, rental cars, or anything related to the accident. It all contains information that may need to be proved or disproved later, so it should be organized together in a safe place. If you have questions about a car accident that you were involved in call The Tapella & Eberspacher Law Firm now at (217) 394-5885