What Does An Attorney Do For Me?

Attorney offering a hand

Most victims are overwhelmed by questions after an accident, and many wonder where they can turn for reliable advice. Some have even considered asking a lawyer for help, but are afraid of incurring additional costs. In order to help injury victims, we want to explain a little about the role of an attorney in an accident case.

An Attorney’s Responsibilities in a Personal Injury Case

The majority of attorneys who represent injury clients take cases on a contingency-fee-basis and offer free initial consultations. Since you will not have to pay anything upfront and will walk away with many questions answered, it is virtually risk-free to speak to a lawyer after an injury.

Attorneys can also benefit your case by:

  • Protecting your rights. Injury laws are complicated, and people without any legal training are at a disadvantage after an accident. Victims who share blame for an accident may not know that they can still collect payment for an injury, denying them the compensation they need. Your attorney can examine your position and tell you what to expect given your circumstances and can protect your rights against the defendant or the defendant’s lawyers.
  • Using their experience and connections. Attorneys have years of experience gathering evidence, ensuring that all evidence and statements are legally obtained, and hiring experts to testify on their clients’ behalf.
  • Taking over the legal battle so you can heal. Victims not only need to prove the extent of their losses by gathering evidence and contacting witnesses, they also need to meet filing deadlines and follow court procedures. Your attorney can ensure that all legal documents have been filled out and filed correctly, maintain correspondence with third parties, and meet deadlines while you are incapacitated by your injury.
  • Negotiating on your behalf. An experienced lawyer is likely to have seen cases similar to yours and knows how they will play out if they go to court. This can be invaluable in settlement negotiations, determining whether the amount offered is fair, or knowing when to take your case to trial.

Our injury lawyers have offices in Illinois and Missouri to help victims who have suffered a variety of accidents. We can help you gather the necessary evidence to support your claim, maximize the amount of available compensation, and we don’t collect a dime from you unless we win your case. Contact the Tapella & Eberspacher Law Firm via our online contact form to schedule an appointment.