Thousands of Consumers Affected by Samsung Note 7 Recall

Exploded and burnt Samsung galaxy note 7

Thousands of consumers have been shocked to learn that their new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been recalled.

According to the company, the battery cells used in some Note 7’s are catching fire and exploding. These low-quality batteries are especially susceptible to overheating and failing when they’re fully charged and under heavy usage.

In one case involving the Note 7, a man’s car caught fire after he left the phone charging in the vehicle. In another incident, a 6-year-old boy suffered significant burns after the Note 7 device he was holding exploded in his hands. While Samsung did issue a global recall on the phones at the beginning of the month, some owners are experiencing a lack of cooperation from their phone companies as they attempt to trade in their device. Other customers have simply been too busy to go through the process of replacing the phone.

In order to protect yourself and your family, it’s imperative that you do not ignore this recall.

As a matter of fact, Samsung and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have said that owners of the Note 7 should turn the phone off immediately. The FAA has officially banned the devices on aircraft. Contact your mobile provider today or stop by one of their retail locations to find out what your company’s procedure is for handling the recall.

In addition to the Note 7 recall, one man was severely burned after he says his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge exploded in his pocket. Continue to check back for updates on this, and other important safety recalls.