Illinois Bike Laws Designed to Save Lives

Cyclists in the park

Millions of Americans enjoy biking for enjoyment and exercise. Unfortunately, nothing can completely protect riders from the impact of vehicle in the event of a collision. On June 7th, nine Michigan bicyclists were mowed over by a drunk driver. Five were killed, and four were seriously injured.

One of the injured cyclists was recently released from the hospital and hopes to ride again. The Michigan bicyclists were responsible riders who were victims of a terrible tragedy.

While it’s essential that drivers avoid distracted driving and stay vigilant for bikers and pedestrians, there are many things that cyclists can do to protect themselves.

Be sure you know the Rules of the Road for bicycles before you go out riding this Fall.

For starters, cyclists must obey the same traffic laws, signs, and signals that apply to motorists. Riding in the opposite direction of traffic is not only dangerous, but it is against the law.

Equip your bike with the following safety equipment:

  • Front light

  • Clear front reflector

  • Red rear reflector

  • Side reflectors

  • Pedal reflectors

  • Horn or bell

  • Reliable brakes

  • Gears that operate smoothly

For an entire list of equipment as well as the official bicycle laws, a safety quiz, and more visit the Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road. For more information on our attorneys, please visit our bio page.