Can I Pursue A Workers’ Comp Case And A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Worker on crutches

Workers’ compensation laws were created to provide payment for a work injury without the need to file a lawsuit. As a result, employees covered under workers’ compensation can only sue their employers if the employer intentionally caused harm. Intentional harm is usually limited to cases of direct assault, battery, or defamation. However, workers may file injury claims if someone other than the employer played a part in the accident.

What Employees Should Know About Filing Work Injury Lawsuits

Although workers' compensation laws generally prohibit employees from filing injury lawsuits against their employers, there is no law against suing someone else whose negligence causes a work injury. These cases are called third-party lawsuits, since they involve someone other than the first party (the injury victim) and the second party (the employer).

Although employees may file third-party lawsuits in addition to collecting workers’ compensation, these cases may be complicated by:

  • Type of injury lawsuit. The ability to bring a third-party case will depend on the type of laws and requirements of the type of case. For example, an injury caused by a defective product will be subject to product liability laws, while an injury on someone else’s property will require the knowledge of a premises liability attorney.
  • Burden of proof. While workers’ compensation provides benefits regardless of who was at fault for your injuries, injury lawsuits require victims to provide proof of negligence in order to recover damages. In addition, the victim’s own percentage of fault in causing the accident will be considered when calculating the amount of compensation.
  • Liens on damages. If your third-party case is successful, the employer’s insurance company will likely want to be paid back for the workers’ compensation benefits they paid to you. Insurers are allowed to place a lien on any damages you are awarded, and you may have to pay a portion of the recovery back to the insurance company.

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