Drivers Can Be Held Responsible For A Car Accident While Traveling In Reverse

Driver reversing his car

Drivers are often wary of other cars coming toward them—they are seldom prepared for when a car driving backward strikes their vehicle. Motorists who fail to check their mirrors or pull out of parking spaces too quickly can slam into other vehicles, and cause fatal injuries to people on bicycles or traveling on foot.

Victims and Injuries in Back-Into Car Accidents

A back-into accident can happen anywhere a car is traveling in reverse, but commonly take place in parking lots and driveways. Even if the car is traveling at less than 5 mph, the injuries a victim suffers can be severe—especially if the person who is struck is not protected by a vehicle.

A driver may be liable for a back-into accident involving:

  • Children. The majority of victims of backover crashes are children. A child on a bike may suddenly dart out behind a car backing out of a driveway, or the driver may not see a child on the sidewalk because the child is shorter than the reach of his mirrors. In some cases, a car may completely back over the child, resulting in fatal injuries.
  • Older adults. Senior citizens may not be able to react in time to avoid a vehicle that is backing up, or may not recognize the danger due to failing hearing or eyesight. Backover accidents can result in head injuries, broken hips, and other injuries from which an elderly body cannot recover.
  • Reversing in a parking lot. Reversing collisions are a common form of parking lot crash, especially if a driver is accelerating too quickly while backing up. An inattentive driver can cause a rear-end crash with another vehicle, strike a pedestrian, or even pin a pedestrian between two cars.

A driver who is driving distracted, does not manually check blind spots, fails to look for children or pedestrians before backing up, or does not follow traffic laws or regular traffic patterns could be liable for negligence. If the driver failed to act as a reasonable driver would, the victim could be owed payment for your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

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