People's National Bank Ordered to Pay $16 Million to Herrin Brothers Who Lost Their Taco John's Business

Individuals- especially small business owners- rely on their bank to provide them with honest and proven financial advice.

Many folks stay with the same bank for their entire lives, so you can imagine the feeling of confusion and betrayal that you would experience if you found out that your bank had been lying to you and even creating fraudulent documents with your name on them.

That's what happened to our clients, Bob and Terry Newman, when they trusted Peoples National Bank of McLeansboro with their business finances.

After more than a decade entangled in the legal system, Bob and Terry came to Bill Tapella for help. Learn more about how this case affects residents of Southern Illinois in this article from the Southern Illinoisan.
(Photo cred: Southern Illinoisan)
Peoples charged me thousands in OD charges when my husband was in a nursing home, and I felt taken advantage of. I went in and talked several times, tried to change so many direct withdrawals....
by Suzanna Jordan August 4, 2016 at 09:34 AM
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