Why Anyone Suffering From Car Accident Injuries Should Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer

With an estimated 5.5 million car accidents occurring every year in the U.S., it’s no surprise that personal injury lawsuits regarding car accident injuries are so common. In fact, the majority of all lawsuits filed in the U.S. are civil personal injury lawsuits stemming from traffic accidents. If you’ve been in a major car accident that wasn’t your fault, and you’ve been seriously injured because of it, finding a good personal injury lawyer is probably already on your to-do list.

But there are other, more specific, reasons why you might benefit from hiring a personal injury lawyer after being in a car accident. For example:

  • First, insurance companies are supposed to protect their clients — in theory — but in truth, most companies are out to make the greatest profit that they can, and their clients come second. Many insurers have strict rules regarding car accidents, and it’s fairly common for victims of car crashes to be denied payments, even when they weren’t responsible for the accident, because of these fine-print rules. By having an attorney advocate for you, you’ll know that your insurance company isn’t trying to get out of paying you what you deserve.
  • And second, being able to prove liability in car accidents can be very difficult; for example, if another driver pulls out in front of your car and is completely at fault for causing an accident, your insurance company could refuse to give you full compensation if you mention that you didn’t blow your horn, or that your car happened to have one headlight bulb burned out. An attorney will make sure that none of these details get in the way of the true problem — i.e., the car accident injuries that you’re suffering because of someone else’s mistake — and will be more adept at proving liability.

It doesn’t even matter if you’ve sustained injuries as a driver or passenger in a car, or if you’ve been involved in a traffic accident as a pedestrian — when it comes to physical injuries caused by traffic accidents, you deserve to be compensated to the fullest extent.

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