Client Owes Nothing to Former Employer

In this particular case, our client had been a loyal and hard-working employee of a local company for many years. She had a dream of one day starting her own business.

When she was finally able to realize that dream, her former employer sued her for over $250,000 for what they claimed was a breach of fiduciary duty.

A fiduciary duty is an obligation to act in the best interest of another party. For instance, a corporation's board member has a fiduciary duty to the shareholders, a trustee has a fiduciary duty to the trust's beneficiaries, and an attorney has a fiduciary duty to a client.

T&E attorney, Andrew Koester, served as second chair to Bill Tapella in the bench trial for our client. Though our client’s former employer hired a large Chicago law firm, Koester said it did not change the course of his trial preparation, “I don’t really focus on my opponent,” he said, “my job is to make sure I’m doing the best job for my client. I knew the facts were on our side, and I know that our firm has top-notch trial attorneys, so we’re not intimidated by any other firm.”

After the plaintiff presented evidence for two and a half days, Andrew and Bill collaborated to draft a motion for judgment in favor of their client. Their motion gave clear case law examples as to why opposing counsel had no valid argument, and requested that the judge rule in favor of our client. The judge granted the motion.

As a result, the trial ended one full day early, and our client didn’t owe her former employer a dime.

“It was rewarding.” said Mr. Koester. “It was a long battle, but we knew and trusted our client. It was immensely satisfying to get the case resolved so favorably. Our clients deserve nothing less.”

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