VA Hospital Fails to Diagnose Veteran's Prostate Cancer

Some medical malpractice cases arise out of care and treatment at VA (Veterans’ Administration) Hospitals.  Because those hospitals are owned and operated by the United States of America, the process for pursuing the case is more complicated than simply filing a lawsuit.  Instead, under the Federal Tort Claims Act, an administrative claim must be filed first. 

At the administrative level, the USA has an obligation to make a fair offer if they determine that the physicians and/or staff at the VA Hospital were likely negligent. 

As a result, the cost of these cases is often much less than the cost of the more standard medical malpractice case.  This allows T&E to accept representation of clients with less than catastrophic injuries.

However, sometimes the injuries are quite notable.  For example, we represent Mr. Lewis. 

A thorough review of his medical records revealed that the VA Hospital system failed to diagnose his prostate cancer for years, despite his elevated PSA levels.  The delay in diagnosis resulted in a delay in treatment and decreased his life expectancy.

T&E attorney Angel Wawrzynek has experience dealing with the VA on these types of claims. 

She was able to put together an effective administrative claim and negotiate with the USA to obtain a settlement on Mr. Lewis’ behalf. 

The government is technically allowed six months to review all administrative claims and Angel’s hard work ensured that Mr. Lewis’ case did not get lost in the government shuffle.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by care or treatment at a VA Hospital, it is important to have an attorney on your side who is experienced with the Federal Tort Claims Act.  Call us today for your free consultation at 855-522-5291.