I want more visitation with my daughter. Do I need an attorney to go back to court?

In January of 2016, Illinois greatly revised the way divorce proceedings will be handled in our state.

For starters, 'grounds' and 'waiting periods' were basically eliminated. The new law allows for only one ground: irreconcilable differences. This phrase assigns no blame to either party. Another major change to the law is that parenting plans are now mandatory in Illinois. That means that each parent will be required to submit their own plan for how the children should be parented in regards to education, religion, athletics, and other important areas. 

Finally, custody and visitation have been redefined. As a matter of fact, those terms have been almost completely eliminated. Now you will hear attorneys and judges using the terms 'parental responsibilities' and 'parental time.' Parental responsibility functions as custody used to. In other words, it will determine who has decision making rights for the children in the important areas set forth in the parenting plan. Parental time functions as visitation used to. It determines who the child will stay with, and for what periods of time.

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As you can see, the new Illinois Dissolution of Marriage Laws are good for children and families, but they are complicated. Your time with your children is at stake, so we believe it's a good idea to find a family law attorney you trust to walk you through this process. If you are considering a divorce or you believe that your parental time needs to be revisited, call us anytime for a free consultation at 855-522-5291.