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Each day, thousands of people in St. Louis enjoy a normal and, frankly, unmemorable drive on their way to work, the store, a friend’s house, or anywhere else they want or need to go. However, some of these drivers end up remembering their commute for all of the wrong reasons — because they’ve been involved in a catastrophic collision.

Whether as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, if you’ve been victimized by the actions or inactions of another driver, then after tending to your immediate medical needs, your most important step is to call the trusted and proven St. Louis car accident lawyer team at Tapella & Eberspacher.

“Do I Really Need a St. Louis Car Accident Attorney?”

In the aftermath of a major collision, the last thing you’re in a position to do is make serious, life-altering decisions that will affect you and your family’s long-term financial future. However, that’s exactly what some insurance companies want you to do: not because it’s in your best interest, but because it’s clearly in theirs. In fact, some of them may even use various intimidation tactics or spread misinformation so that you start asking yourself “Do I really need a St. Louis car accident attorney?” In our decades of experience, there is only one answer to that question: YES.

Here’s Why You Need a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer:

Insurance companies are NOT required by law to represent your interests, nor are they paid to do so. On the contrary, their job is to minimize your claim so that they limit their financial exposure. If that means you end up losing your house and life’s savings, and end up financially destroyed because you can’t pay your medical bills or work, insurance companies don’t lose any sleep at night. In fact, their bottom-line improves, and someone may even get a promotion…while you and your family struggle and suffer.

At Tapella & Eberspacher, you can be assured that every single member of our experienced St. Louis car accident attorney team will aggressively fight to prevent this scenario from unfolding. We aren’t in the least bit intimidated by insurance companies. In fact, the instant insurance companies see the name “Tapella & Eberspacher” attached to a claim, many of them instantly realize that it’s in their best interest to be reasonable and fair from the outset — because if they aren’t, they will have to face our highly experienced and battle-tested team at trial.

We’re Here to Help You TODAY

Each day, hundreds of drivers across St. Louis are victimized in collisions due to drunk driving, drugged driving, distracted driving, speeding and aggressive driving, driver negligence, defective auto parts, and other factors.

If you’ve been hurt or injured in a collision, then call the St. Louis car accident lawyer attorney team at Tapella & Eberspacher TODAY. Time is of the essence, and we will immediately use our vast resources to launch a full-scale investigation so that your case is rock solid – and you get the full compensation you deserve for your pain, suffering and loss.