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The road to recovery after a serious personal injury includes restoring your physical and emotional health – but it’s about much more than this. You also need to ensure that your long-term financial health is in order. And that’s exactly why you need and deserve to work with an experienced and proven Decatur personal injury lawyer at Tapella & Eberspacher.


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At Tapella & Eberspacher, the members of our renowned and trusted Decatur personal injury attorney team will skillfully negotiate your best possible settlement, or if necessary, fearlessly, tenaciously and persuasively fight for your rights in court. Our goal isn’t merely to “win your case” – it’s to ensure that your current and future financial needs are appropriately met, so that you can do what matters most at this critical time: focus on making a recovery and restoring your quality of life as safely and fully as possible.


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Why do other law firms across Illinois regularly refer their complex litigation to our Decatur personal injury attorney team? It’s because we have the in-depth knowledge, proven experiences, expansive resources and relentless attention to detail that it takes to achieve the best possible outcome. We support our clients every step of the way, and ensure that they’re always 100% prepared for what lies ahead.


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A serious personal injury can result from a variety of events, including those involving auto, truck or boat accidents, dog bites, slips or falls, dangerous products or drugs, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, and the list goes on.

Contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Tapella & Eberspacher today. Learn how we’ll fight for your rights, protect you from pitfalls, shield you from intimidation, and help you get your life back in order – because that’s what you need and deserve!