Head-On Collision Can Be Deadly. Here's What You Need to Know About These Dangerous Accidents

Head-on collisions are often the cause of fatal accidents.One of the most frightening type of collisions a person may be involved is a head-on accident. This type of car accident occurs when the front-end of two vehicles collide, often on a road where no median is present.

In Illinois there were an estimated 281,788 car accidents reported in 2011 and less than 1 percent were head-on collisions. However, there were more than 2,100 head-on accidents that same year and 3.8 percent were fatal accidents.

Commonly these types of accidents involve two-vehicles however, in some cases it involves a vehicle colliding with a fixed-object such as a light pole, fence, or tree. These types of accidents can be very serious and result in many different types of injuries. If such a crash involves speeding the consequences may be deadly.

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Causes of Head-On Collisions

Rural roads are a frequent location of head-on crashes, however, neighborhood roads and most others where a median does not prevent two vehicles from colliding can also lead to such a crash. According to an analysis of the Fatal Analysis Reporting System, in 1999, 75 percent of head-on wrecks occurred on un-divided two-lane roads.

Although the type of road could lead to such an accident, there are many other causes of head-on collisions (including):

Furthermore, poor construction-zone redirecting and not knowing the area too well can lead to a driver turning down a one-way road and colliding with another vehicle. According to the same analysis of the Fatal Analysis Reporting System, 4.2 percent of the accidents surveyed were caused by failing to pass or overtake another vehicle.

Common Head-On Accident Injuries

In Illinois, there were more than 2,000 persons injured in head-on collisions, overall these types of crashes were the cause of 2 percent of all accident injuries in the state.

Some of the most injuries sustained by those involved in a head-on car smash include:

The type of injuries a person suffers can also depend on what types of safety devices were in-use. A driver or passenger who was not wearing a seatbelt may suffer from more serious injuries particularly if they are ejected from the vehicle at the time of impact.

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