Studies show that medical misdiagnosis is a contributing factor to approximately 20% of all fatal illnesses. Medical misdiagnosis in non-fatal cases can also result in serious consequences to a patient, including the waste of time and money for the patient. It can also result in a patient being exposed to treatments, tests, therapies, and medications with serious side effects, for problems they do not have.

Proper diagnosis is the first essential step in the treatment process. In order to correctly diagnose a problem, a physician must first correctly attain all of the necessary information. For a physician to properly evaluate a patient, a physician must follow generally accepted means and methods. A physician is required to be familiar with potential symptoms, perform available tests and diagnostic procedures, and order and review necessary images, such as an X-ray or MRI.

When a physician fails to act in accordance with the set standards of their field, the physician may commit medical malpractice. Even missing the proper signs for a short period of time can have major and devastating effects on a patient’s life.

There are many types of medical conditions that can be misdiagnosed, and many circumstances in which a physician can fail to act within the standards of their field. Tapella & Eberspacher LLC has the experience to assist you or a loved one in determining whether there has been a medical misdiagnosis in your case.

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