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How Our Car Accident Lawyers Help Springfield Residents

two men shaking handsFinding a car accident attorney can be difficult—particularly if you are still recovering from your injuries. It is important to find an attorney that will not only stand up for rights, but is also familiar with the area.

At Tapella & Eberspacher, our Springfield car accident attorneys have DETAILED knowledge of the traffic laws in Illinois and can help build a strong case that can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Many people only think of hiring a lawyer after they develop a problem, but the best time to consult a lawyer is before the problem arises. In car accidents cases, the victim may be entitled to compensation for injuries suffered, property damage, rehabilitation services, and more. We can help to determine if you may be entitled to file a lawsuit seeking further damages for your suffering and then guide you safely through the entire litigation process.

Our Team of Experienced Attorneys Can Help With All Types of Auto Accidents

rear end damage to a vehicleNo two accidents are alike. Speed, weather conditions, and vehicle conditions are all factors that can lead to a particular type of crash.

Additionally, accidents with certain types of vehicles, such as a trucks, are different from accidents only involving passenger cars. For example, due to the larger mass of a truck, the forces involved at the moment on impact are often significantly more when compared to a regular, passenger vehicle.

The result of this is that the damages can be a lot more and the risk of injury to the vehicle occupants is also raised considerably.

Some Common Types of Car Accidents Include:

Single-vehicle wrecks are those involving a fixed-object such as a lamp post or tree. Fixed-object accidents were actually the most frequently reported in Ohio in 2011.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

car driving in a puddleIn Illinois car accidents most frequently happened on Fridays between 4 and 8 P.M. which is largely attributed to the large amount of traffic on the roads at that time of day and also due to drivers being tired at the end of a working week.

Have you or someone you love been involved in an accident that occurred while coming home from work that was not your fault? Are your interests currently being protected? Have you considered filing a damages claim to compensate you for losses?

These are important questions as in most cases, being involved in an accident often requires time off work to help recover from any injuries you may have sustained, while also needing to have your vehicle repaired. Both of which can be areas that you may be able to be financially compensated for.

With this in mind, some of the most common causes of car crashes include:

Inexperience is another factor to consider, in Illinois there were more than 30,000 accidents involving drivers under the age of 18. Additionally more than 36,000 drivers over the age of 65 were involved in collisions that same year.

Common Car Crash Injuries

man with his arm in a castDespite recent advancements in automotive accident avoidance technology including heads up driver displays, rear facing cameras, anti lock braking technology and even sensor based braking assistance, most automobiles on the roads in the United States are using braking and safety technology that is more than 25 years old.

In fact, In Illinois, injuries are classified as incapacitating and non-incapacitating; the average cost of an incapacitating injury was more than $70,000.

Have you or someone you love suffered any of the injuries listed below from a car, truck or motorcycle accident?

Most any type of collision can lead to a serious injury and some accidents are known to cause specific injuries. For example, rear-end crashes often lead to whiplash due to the forward and back motion of the body upon impact from behind.

Our Car Accident Attorneys Are Standing By to Help Your Claim in Springfield…

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The talented team of attorneys at Tapella & Eberpsacher have the knowledge and resources needed to navigate past the snares that often arise during the compensation claims process.

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