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Why is choosing the right Springfield personal injury lawyer so important? It’s because a serious injury does much more than harm your physical and emotional health. It also severely compromises your financial stability – especially when long-term medical costs, care giving expenses and income losses can easily reach into the hundreds of thousands — or millions — of dollars.

At Tapella & Eberspacher, each Springfield personal injury attorney on our team is dedicated to fighting for your rights. We meticulously analyze, document and organize the incurred and projected costs and losses associated with your personal injury, and demand that those responsible are held to account. Whereas others often rely on little more than ineffective intimidation tactics and pointless legal maneuvers, we build all of our cases on a rock-solid foundation of facts and figures – and that makes all of the difference at the negotiating table or in court.


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Our Springfield personal injury lawyer team is regularly tapped by other law firms across Illinois to take on their sensitive, complex litigation cases. They know that we have the experience, knowledge, resources and unwavering focus on results that it takes to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest period of time.


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A serious personal injury can result from a variety of events, including those involving auto, truck or boat accidents, dog bites, slips or falls, dangerous products or drugs, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, and the list goes on.

Give the renowned personal injury lawyers at Tapella & Eberspacher a call today. We’ll provide you with clear “jargon-free” answers, educate you on your options, prepare you for the road ahead, and do everything we can to help you restore your quality of life – which is what you want, need and deserve!