Your Trusted & Proven St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer Team

Because of the potentially catastrophic damage they can inflict on others, truck drivers must ensure that they always drive safely and in accordance with road and weather conditions, that their cargo is properly secured, and that their trucks are in full working order.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case, and the consequences can be devastating. If you have been victimized by the action or inaction of a truck driver — and/or by his or her employer — then there are two things you need to do without delay:

  1. Get emergency medical attention.
  2. Call the proven and experienced truck accident lawyer team at Tapella & Eberspacher.

Why an EXPERIENCED Truck Accident Attorney Team Matters

Make no mistake: insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize the payout after their client (e.g. the at-fault truck driver and/or the employer) is sued. That’s in their best interest. But what about your best interest? That’s a completely different story.

Your best interest is to ensure that you’re fully compensated both for your current and near-term financial losses and suffering, as well as your long-term bills as well. This could include ongoing medical and rehabilitation fees, loss of future income, and so on. It’s not uncommon for the numbers to add up into the millions, and it’s an amount that insurance companies will fight hard to avoid paying. However, an EXPERIECED Truck Accident lawyer will fight back on your behalf, and ensure that the focus is where it should be: on you, your injuries, and your suffering. After all, you’re the victim!

Fighting for Your Rights at the Negotiating Table – and in Court

Our team will seek to fairly and equitably settle your claim out of court, so that you can get the financial compensation you need as quickly as possible. When many insurance companies that see the name “Tapella & Eberspacher” attached to a claim, they immediately become more reasonable — because our reputation for excellence and thoroughness on behalf of our clients’ precedes us at the negotiating table.

However, there are times when insurance companies unwisely opt to behave in an unfair and unreasonable manner. In such cases, be assured that our battle-tested team will aggressively and relentlessly fight for your rights in court, and ensure that the judge and jury see you for what you are: an innocent victim who deserves and is entitled to full compensation for your losses and suffering.

We’re Here to Help You TODAY

Each day, many drivers across Illinois and Missouri are victimized in collision with truck drivers that result from aggressive driving, fatigued driving, distracted driving, drunk driving, drugged driving, distracted driving, failing to check blind spots, equipment failure, excess/overloaded cargo, improperly secured cargo, poor maintenance, shifting loads and other factors.

If you’ve been hurt or injured in a truck collision, then call the truck accident lawyer attorney team at Tapella & Eberspacher TODAY. Delaying can work against you, as it’s vital for us to launch a full-scale investigation ASAP so we can build a rock solid case that compels insurance companies to behave fairly and reasonably, or convinces a judge or jury that you are absolutely entitled to get the full compensation you deserve for your pain, suffering and loss.