Illinois Slip & Fall Lawyers

Tapella & Eberspacher is dedicated to helping those injured when a property owner fails to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition or warn of a dangerous condition that results in injury or death.

Owners of property owe a duty to maintain their property free from dangerous conditions. A slip and fall can arise from a number of dangerous or hazardous conditions such as unsafe or torn flooring, unexpected drops, poor lighting, unsafe stairs, wet flooring, broken or cracked sidewalks, rain, ice, and or snow, just to name a few.

Slip and fall accidents frequently cause real injuries. Broken bones, orthopedic injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, and head and brain injuries often result. Many of these injuries are serious and require significant medical involvement. These falls can even result in death.

The attorneys at Tapella & Eberspacher LLC have substantial experience handling slip and fall cases. We will apply our knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the full measure of damages you are entitled to under Illinois law. These damages may include expenses for past and future medical treatment. You may also be entitled to recovery for lost wages, future loss of earnings, disfigurement, pain and suffering, and if the worst has happened, for wrongful death. In many cases, these damages may be covered under the homeowners insurance of the owner of the dangerous property. The experienced attorneys at Tapella & Eberspacher LLC will make sure you receive the full measure of what you deserve under the law.

If someone in your family has suffered an injury or you believe you may have a wrongful death claim from a slip and fall, call our Central Illinois office at 217-639-7800, our St. Louis Metropolitan area office at 618-628-3800 or contact us online. We handle cases throughout Missouri and Illinois. We offer a free consultation and evaluation. If we take your case, there are no attorney fees unless you receive compensation.