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If you are a corn farmer, exporter or distributor who has suffered direct or indirect financial losses caused by the excess supply of genetically modified (GMO) corn seed products in the country’s corn supply, then the Tapella & Eberspacher Sygenta Lawyer team urges you to read the following important and time-sensitive information.

About the Syngenta Lawsuit

Sygenta Seeds has been named in several class action Sygenta lawsuits, which allege that the manufacturer of GMO corn products (which it branded as “Agisure Viptera” and “Agisure Duracade”) improperly marketed GMO corn to farmers.

Specifically, Sygenta Seeds is alleged to have deliberately withheld knowledge that China — the third largest export market — would refuse to accept GMO corn shipments from the US.

When this refusal eventually became public knowledge in early 2014, the excess supply in the US corn supply market caused prices to plummet by 11 cents per bushel, ultimately inflicting an estimated $1-$2.6 billion in lost sales and income incurred by corn farmers, distributors and exporters across the country.

Furthermore, several plaintiffs who have hired a Syngenta lawyer are alleging that GMO corn was mixed with other products in ships, barges and grain elevators, and as a result China has rejected those products; ostensibly for fear of cross-contamination, though some experts believe that it is all part of China’s attempt to manipulate corn prices and drive them downwards.

Response to the Syngenta Lawsuit

Sygenta Seeds has so far maintained that it has done nothing wrong, and that rather than harming farmers, it has always tried to support them and make them more profitable. The company points to the fact that it invested more than $200 million over a 5-7 year period to develop its GMO corn seed product, which received approval in 2010.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Syngenta Lawyer

Sygenta Seeds is a large multinational organization, with total assets exceeding $20 billion and reported 2013 revenues of over $13 billion. Expectedly, the company has stated that it will vigorously defend itself against any and all allegations of improper or illegal activity.

As such, it is very important for farmers, exporters and distributors who have suffered direct or indirect financial losses to contact an experienced Sygenta lawyer — which is one who deeply understands the complicated class action process, and will aggressively fight for their rights at every stage.

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