Lindsay Rakers is Attentive, Realistic, Reliable

Q: What were your main concerns when you came to your first appointment with your attorney?

A: I was in a horrific auto accident, and I really needed help in being able to pay my medical bills.

Q: What did your attorney do for you that you most appreciated?

A: She gave me the help I needed and made it possible for me to be able to pay my bills, and to be able to heal without added stress. 

Q: What would you say to your friends and family about your attorney?

A: I would tell everyone about how helpful Lindsay was. I was very happy with her as my attorney. She gave me realistic expectations and followed through on everything in a timely manner. She was helpful and attentive. I was very happy with the results that Tapella & Eberspacher was able to obtain for me. Thank you for everything! 

Lana S.