Client Comments Prove We Provide Representation You Can Trust

Although every lawyer will undoubtedly claim that he is the best at what he does, the true judge of his competence isn’t himself…it’s his clients. That is why we take pride in how often our clients provide honest and straightforward feedback of their experiences; so often our clients praise our dedication and hard work. Come see for yourself what to expect when you have Tapella & Eberspacher as your representatives.

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  • When his previous attorney wasn't getting the results Josh needed and deserved, Josh came to T&E. Hear why Josh says Angel and her team "did an awesome job."

    Josh was injured by a faulty piece of equipment he was using during a construction job. As with any serious injury, the treatment and legal processes were lengthy and taxing.  Q: What were your main concerns when you came to your first appointment with your attorney? A: Can my case finally be ended? Q: What did your attorney do for you that you most appreciated? A: Took on a case that my last attorney almost let slide through the cracks. Q: What would you say to your friends and family about your attorney? A: She did an awesome job. She did what she said she would do, and made my wife and I comfortable with the whole process. Everyone I talked with was helpful in any way that they could be. Angel and Richelle did an awesome job. They were a God-send.  

    Josh S.