Sharlene's Experience Working with Personal Injury Attorney Alexander Heritier

What were your main concerns when you came to your first appointment with your attorney?

"To make sure I got what I deserved for pain."

What did your attorney do for you that you most appreciated?

"[He] made the process fast. He was super nice."

What would you say to your friends and family about your attorney?

"I would tell them to hire him too!!"

Other comments about your experience with Tapella & Eberspacher:

"Wonderful experience."

My Attorney Was Attentive to My Needs and Returned Phone Calls/Emails in a Timely Manner: "Strongly Agree"


My Attorney's Assistant was Able to Help Me and Keep Me Informed of the Progress of My case when my Attorney Was Not Available: "Strongly Agree"


My Attorney Explained My Fee Structure and Regularly Updated Me on the Costs Involved with my Case: "Strongly Agree"


I Would Hire My Attorney Again: "Strongly Agree"


I Would Recommend My Attorney to Friends and Family Members: "Strongly Agree"