We Were Satisfied More Than 100% With The Firm!

At The Tapella & Eberspacher Law Firm, we like to let our clients speak for themselves. Angel stuck by Barry and his family during their personal injury case to ensure they would get everything they needed.

Question: What were your main concerns when you came to your first appointment with your attorney?

Answer: Trust. How we were going to be treated- like a number or a human.

Questions: What did your attorney do that you most appreciated?

Answer: Absolutely everything!

Question: What would you say to your friends and family about your attorney?

Answer: She's freakin awesome. Will most definitely refer this firm to everybody in need.

Other comments: This firm and all the attorneys and assistants is not your typical law firm. They are everyday "down to earth" people. Very compassionate and caring. Everyone there is extrememly knowledgeble on every aspect. Everything is always done in a timely manner and very professionally, aggressive when need be. I was always kept well informed on everything- often! I met with Bill at the first meeting and he was very compassionate and very informative. My first impression was, I was extremely pleased! Bill directed me to an awesome attorney- Angel. I was more than 100% satisfied with Angel and her assistant. Angel is always on top of things and extremely knowledgable. Angel if very dedicated, was always available to me and an all around awesome person! I can't say enough about the firm. Very awesome people to know at a very hard time in our life. The Tapella & Eberspacher Law Firm is #1 in me and the family's book. Thank you all! Special thanks to Angel for all her hard work and compassion!

Barry H.